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This could be why you’re still living with pain, despite medication and specialist appointments.

When you’re living with pain I really believe it’s because an emotion is blocked within your body and it wants to be released…

How often have you taken a tablet for pain or been to your local GP or specialist to fix the problem?

The problem is (and you may have noticed this) unless you get to the root cause of releasing the emotion, the problem is just going to keep coming back. It’s why you can have fortnightly appointments for a year and nothing really changes.

Now, I know that some people love seeing specialists and telling everyone about their aches and pains which keeps them stuck. Do you know someone like this??

                                                              I do!

It doesn’t have to be this way, your body is absolutely amazing and it wants to heal, it even has its own medicine cabinet in your brain.


Your Limbic system is responsible for all of your emotions and your brain is one of the places where the neuropeptides are released. Wait, what the heck is a neuropeptide?

Neuropeptides are what send the chemical information that’s needed to the cells in your body and this is what makes that cell behave in a certain way. Neuropeptides can also send the information that give us that gut feeling (when you just know something is good or bad)

This means your body is talking to itself 24 hours a day.

Your Limbic system is where your own medicine cabinet is, it releases the neuropeptides to keep your body in balance.

Your brain is highly intelligent, but also really sensitive and when it notices something isn’t quite right, it sends messages to the cells to find out what is happening.

This could be from a pain or emotion that you have started to feel because it wants you to find out what is stuck and why it isn’t able to function at its optimal level.

Medication can disrupt this flow.

Medication absolutely has its place in the world. I’ve taken medication when I’ve had bad symptoms, such as a cough that’s kept my husband awake and in order to not be married to a grumpy pants in the morning, I took it.

I’m not anti-medication. I’ve given it to my children when they were small and had temperatures. It just needs to be taken in moderation, not at the first sign of a headache.

Science is beginning to discover that we don’t know everything about the body, and what we do ‘know’ may not be entirely true. These are such exciting times.

You all have the possibility to live completely pain-free. You don’t have to stay stuck…

Your body is talking to you, it’s time to listen.

If you want to find out what your body is saying to you so can live a much happier life without taking medication, drinking alcohol, going shopping or eating junk food, book your special time with me to discuss your individual circumstances.


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