Sleep Meditation

https://youtu.be/nR-KVbNrU4g Not sleeping can really affect your mood, health and relationships. There are many things that can cause us not to sleep when we go to bed even though you may be exhausted. The other issue that is common is that you wake up between 1am – 3am and cant go back to sleep. I […]

Sleep and How To Improve It

Most people have some nights where they lie awake and are unable to go back to sleep again.  Millions of people lie awake each night struggling to go back to sleep.  During this Masterclass I share with you techniques that you can use to help you to sleep through the night again. Watch Now

Are you on antidepressants?

Hi Im Ann Noler Harris and Im an International Consultant in Energy Medicine The world can seem blurry when on medication and so today I want to share with you a bit about Antidepressants. I work with many people who are on this medication because they are used to keep peoples moods stable when dealing […]

Are you ready to live a pain free life?

Imagine what you could achieve if your mind could focus on the life you desire and not on physical pain.  (Free video training below)   If you’re anything like my clients, you may have been living with pain for so long you’ve forgotten what it is like to live a “normal” life. It’s hard to […]

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