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Let’s talk anxiety….. Why?

Because anxiety can feel terrifying and you can think there is something seriously wrong with your mind… But you’re not alone when feeling this way.

When you feel depressed or anxious it can be because you’re not doing what you really want in life. As a result you can become stuck and set in your ways, blame others and outside circumstances and you feel worse and worse until it feels like you can’t cope.

Depression or anxiety can also be caused from past trauma and the body becomes stuck in fight or flight mode.

This can happen if dealing with a death, divorce, past pain or other life changing experiences.
Remember you are the only one in control of your life.

You have to do the work

No one has a magic wand to FIX you, you have to do the work too…

  1. Ask yourself ‘Am I ready to take control back and be in charge of my life again?’
  2. Start to observe your thoughts and what you are telling yourself. Does the same thought keep coming up? What is the thought – write it down and think how can you change it so it’s a slightly better thought?
  3. Get clear on what you want in your life. Write it down and dream about everything you want. Believe that you can have these things.
  4. Create a vision board with pictures of what you want and put it somewhere you can see it every day. Buy a small photo album and put your pictures in there so you can look at them when you’re out.
  5. Find someone you trust to support you and work with you as you change your thoughts, energy and outside world.
  6. Increase your B6. B6 is found in bananas, spinach, pistachio nuts, sunflower seeds. cooked tuna, pork, red meat, chicken, avocado, prunes. Eating more of these foods will help improve your mood.
  7. Drink more water
  8. Take at least 15 minutes a day to sit and rest, watch your favourite show, go for a walk, stroke an animal. Do something you love and probably haven’t done for a while.
  9. Be kind to yourself

Finally, as I said no one can fix you and healing is a process that can take time, especially if you have been suffering for a long time. Be especially kind to yourself and each day do at least one of these techniques to help you start to move in the right direction. Please remember you are not alone.


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