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Transforming Pain into Purpose

BY SHARI HALL  This article was originally published by Matters Magazine


The day Ann Noler Harris met a labrador retriever named Ella, a seeing eye dog with terminal cancer, her life changed. At six years old, after a life dedicated to the service of those living with disability, Ella was retired from work due to her diagnosis and poor prognosis. Traditional veterinary medicine had done all it could, and now it was time for Ella to simply live out her days with the best quality life possible in the care of Ann and her family.


From Sceptic To Believer

In her eBook, The Belief and Power of Energy Medicine, Ann describes the moment she changed from sceptic to believer. “Watching Ella walk down the driveway towards me, I felt my heart melt. There was no spark in her eyes, and she seemed to have lost her passion for life. I felt a shift in my body and in that moment, I knew I was not going to let her die.” Fuelled by a desire to save her beloved Ella when Western medicine offered no hope, Ann delved into studying alternative medicine and attended spiritual workshops. Originally from England and having had a career in the corporate business world, taking the journey into holistic healing was risky, but she had nothing to lose, except Ella.


Ella became Ann’s study partner, creating an extraordinary connection that transcended the boundaries of conventional healing. The healing techniques Ann applied to Ella marked the start of a remarkable transformation. The spark returned to Ella’s eyes, and her passion for life was rekindled.


What began as a temporary commitment to care for a retired service dog evolved into a profound journey of healing and self-discovery. What was meant to be a three-week adoption period of Ella turned into another five-and-a-half years of joyful living for Ann and her dog.


Secret Weapon Of Success

After years of study, Ann became a Reiki Master, an Advanced Metaphysical Anatomy practitioner, a Medical Intuitive, and a Certified Life Coach. Her unique blend of qualifications has become her “secret weapon of success.” From canines to people, including her husband, who had suffered injury and pain from a serious accident, Ann uses energy medicine to upgrade the quality of life for her clients, helping them release blocks, alleviating physical pain and emotional stress.


“Energy medicine is using one’s own body energy and universal energy to support healing. It has been around for centuries and over 55 per cent of people are now using energy medicine because it is noninvasive and does not require prescription drugs,” says Ann.


Many of her clients are high achievers – they want better results, they want to make an impact, they want more money, they are consumed by their business and career. Often, they undergo transformative changes, such as career shifts or stepping into leadership roles.


“One of my clients, a professional woman, presented to me with depression and shoulder, neck and back pain. She also experienced ongoing financial stress and turmoil within her family relationships; she felt trapped and miserable in her life. She’d tried many different modalities and medications to relieve her pain, but never really got to the root cause of what was happening.


Our main goal in her sessions was to release her anger and resistance to letting go of the pain that resulted from childhood trauma and failed marriages. During our time working together her pain resolved and new opportunities presented themselves. She invested in herself and did the inner work that was needed to live her best life with her new man. It was a wonderful, positive outcome.”


The Ripple Effect

Ann believes women are the centre of the home and their pain causes a ripple effect, impacting family dynamics, relationships, even pets’ behaviour in the home environment. “Ninety per cent of the time, I see women focussing on their partner’s and children’s happiness, and if they’re not, they believe there is something wrong and they are not doing a good job. This begins an emotional roller coaster ride and a life of pushing through and sometimes hiding their pain. However, when she begins the work internally and starts to understand the triggers in her environment, everything changes. I take my clients through a gentle process because navigating such changes can be daunting. It takes courage.”


Some heal generational pain that’s been passed on from parents and grandparents. Others overcome addictions, breaking cycles of alcoholism and dependence on anti-anxiety medication. She has worked with policemen and military servicemen suffering from PTSD who’ve been through or witnessed significant trauma, many who have exhausted conventional avenues of therapy and now seek a holistic understanding of their pain.


“When someone has experienced trauma, sexual abuse or anything that has impacted them, they don’t want to relive it. They don’t want to re-experience the feelings that come up. By telling the same story repeatedly they’re just imprinting their neural pathways by replaying the tape recording in their head,” Ann says. “It becomes automatic. I work with them energetically to get to the root cause. That’s when the healing begins.”


A Global Guiding Light

Ann’s virtual healing sessions have broken down geographical barriers, attracting clients from diverse backgrounds and locations all over the world. Her ability to connect with individuals on a soul level, irrespective of physical proximity, underscores the universal nature of energy healing. The transformative stories from Ann’s clients speak volumes about the efficacy of her methodologies. From chronic pain to emotional trauma, individuals have experienced remarkable results, often when traditional methods fell short. She also works with groups of up to ten at a time.


“It works because energy has no boundaries,” Ann explains. “I contain us all in the energy and the energy goes where it needs to. There is energy all around us and we are connecting to it all the time.”


Her expertise has been acknowledged in numerous magazines, live radio interviews, podcasts, and book publications. She received the Ymag Award as one of the Top 10 Women to Watch in 2020 and has been featured in Women Inspired, a compilation highlighting women on the Sunshine Coast making a difference in the world. But, beyond accolades and recognition, Ann’s ongoing impact is seen in the lives she continues to touch.


With Ella as her guiding force, Ann Noler Harris has forged a path in the realm of energy medicine that transcends the conventional. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of healing, inspiring business professionals to explore holistic approaches. As the ripple effect of Ann’s impact continues to spread, the narrative of turning “pain into purpose” becomes a compelling call to embrace transformation through energy medicine.  

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This article was originally published by Matters Magazine


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