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Avoiding burnout – Video 1

How to Avoid Burnout Burnout can be caused for many reasons. In these 3 videos, I will share with you the physical, emotional and behavioural signs of burnout.   If you would like to speak to me in confidence about your health and discover how to have more energy, and no physical and emotional […]

Avoiding Burnout video 2

How to Avoid Burnout – Video 2 Burnout can be experienced by anyone with prolonged levels of chronic stress and pressure at work or from home demands.  This is video 2 on How to Avoid Burnout.    Your health is the most valuable thing you own. Book a call to discuss your health with […]

Avoiding Burnout video 3

How to Avoid Burnout – Video 3   Burnout is not like a cold. My past clients reported how burnout crept up on them and before they knew it, they felt fatigued and were unable to get out of bed for months. In 2020 77% of the population reported symptoms related to this condition. […]

The Australian

Why You Are in Pain and How to Release It The way pain impacts the sufferer’s quality of life is something you can never understand until it happens to you. Think about a toothache – how completely incapacitated do you feel when your mouth is throbbing? It’s like nothing else exists. It is disheartening to […]