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Lifestyle News

I’ve been published in Lifestyle News about how I went from being a skeptic to an amazing healer. Hopefully it inspires you to blend alternative and mainstream medicine.

Top 100 Mentors Global Woman Magazine

💛 Top 100 Global Women Mentor I am beyond honoured, excited and appreciative to be recognised and to stand amongst this list of extraordinary women as a part of the Global Woman Magazine ‘Top 100 Global Women Mentors’.  In recognizing and celebrating the triumphs of successful women entrepreneurs, this is a chance to emphasis the significance of the […]

Flying Solo Article

If you want to be seen as a successful person, the easiest way to begin is to look at the aspects of yourself that are preventing that success and work on them. That may sound easier said than done! In this flying Solo article Ann writes the six personal traits that will prevent success and […]

UK Business Show

In this episode, I sit down with the British Business Show host Yeukai where I share 4 of the 13 ways to transform your business and personal life.

Let’s Talk Anxiety

Let’s talk anxiety….. Why? Because anxiety can feel terrifying and you can think there is something seriously wrong with your mind… But you’re not alone when feeling this way. When you feel depressed or anxious it can be because you’re not doing what you really want in life. As a result you can become stuck […]

Elizabeth Gray Author of Silent No More

Elizabeth Gray Author of Silent No More is no a stranger to bullying in the workplace. Her life in corporate took a new direction when she made the strong decision to no longer put up with the bullying she was experiencing in her career. Make a cup of tea and watch the video. Silent No […]