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I used to think Energy Healing was total B.S – so does it actually work?

I had so many judgemental thoughts about how healing couldn’t possibly work in the ‘real world’…

Energetic Healers talked about seeing and hearing things I couldn’t. Some of them spoke about galactic visitors and how they saw messages in the clouds…

“Okay crazy lady” I would think as I carried on with my daily life.

Friends invited me to see a psychic lady and I decided that I had nothing to lose…

I instantly put her up on a pedestal – she knew things about me that no one could know.

After telling my husband, he thought it was complete rubbish and that she’d probably been researching about me since I booked the appointment…

But I knew it was different. She was amazing, she had some sort of power.

When my healing ability switched on it took me a long time to 100% believe it worked, even though everyone I was working with were getting amazing results.

Have you ever experienced that horrible self-doubt?

Eventually, I realised I had to come to terms with the fact that my physic lady wasn’t allowed to stay up on my pedestal anymore… She was just like me and using the gifts she had.

I’ve realised over the years that unfortunately, there are people out there who give healers a bad name. Maybe you have met one.

They’re not true or authentic in their work which stops people who are living with pain from having different options… Which only leaves conventional medicine available to them.

If you know a wonderful healer to work with then great but….

Here are my top 5 tips on choosing a healer that will get you results…

* Avoid paying any money upfront. Book in a free consult to speak with them before you decide if you want to work together.

* Ask questions. Use the initial consult to ask them all of your questions and remember, there are no silly questions. You need to feel confident about who you’re working with.

* Find out why they do what they do. If they can’t tell you their reason with passion then it may be a sign to keep searching.

* It’s all about you. If your healer starts speaking about themselves and their issues, take this as a warning sign and run for the hills. Healers need to have worked on their own issues first or it can affect your healing.

* Listen to your body. Does it feel right?

Before you book your healing sessions ask yourself…

* Do I get benefit from being ill or having mood swings?

* Am I ready to stop living with pain?

* How are these issues effecting my daily life?

I whole-heartedly believe and know in my bones that healing works.

I work with people all over the world and can feel what is happening in their body…

I can help them release the problems they’re experiencing.

The best bit? They don’t have to re-live any past trauma.

I can help them to clear what happened whilst they were in the womb if their mum was stressed and I can clear trauma that has occurred in their ancestry that they don’t even know about.

Healing is wonderful and there are many amazing healers out there who can help you so that you can stop taking medication that has many other side effects.

The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion-dollar business so they don’t want you to get better… Healers do!

(but that’s a story for another time)

Want to find out about a way to live a much happier life without taking medication, drinking alcohol, smoking, going shopping, or eating junk food?

Book a personal free 30 minute consultation with me today Book your special time here I only offer 5 of these a week now so please make sure you attend if you book a time


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