Hundreds Of Clients Have Entrusted Me To Help Them Grow

… but let them tell you themselves about their experience and results.

I Believe The Best Way To Tell Our Story – Is To Tell The Success Stories Of The Clients I Work With.

I couldn’t be more proud of my clients.  They plucked up the courage to choose change, to expose their vulnerabilities and allowed me to guide them to remove their blocks, emotional and physical pain.  They invested in themselves, did the work and journeyed from a life of limitations to a life with limitless opportunities and success.

Thank you to all my clients past, present and future who have shared, or are yet to share, their transformational and life-changing results.  Your Success is My Success!

After just one session with Ann I felt so much lighter and happier.

— Michelle Eckles, Queensland

I felt the blocks shifting and the new ideas entering

There’s something about Ann… And I was intrigued with the concept of working with Ann on my energy blocks.

I was astounded I could lay relaxed on my bed whilst Ann worked on me via my phone!

During this period we worked on such diverse issues in my energy field such as shame, my ability to manifest, abundance, bringing forth my wisdom and magic and residual anger.

As a result I have been able to move on from self blame to forgiveness, from feeling blocked to developing a new program from my own wisdom, knowledge and experience that will positively impact so many lives in the future – the ‘inner magic’ I knew was there but had been blocked from bringing out.

So I am profoundly grateful to Ann. She may ben known at the ‘Body Whisperer’ but I experienced Ann as my ‘Soul Whisperer!’

Beverley Rilatt-Richardson
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"Unconscious block released

Kim Taylor had an amazing session where she actually released a block that had been unconsciously holding her back for years. Watch her video as she explains more.

headaches gone!

No more headaches for Mark.

Ann was referred to me as I had never heard of someone being able to help me without needing to meet me or see what I looked like. I booked a free consultation with Ann because I had severe headaches, mental blocks, lower back pain and bladder issues.

The sessions with her were amazing. The headaches stopped so I was able to focus much more. A problem I was having at work that was causing a lot of stress improved immensely and the pain in my back was only there on rare occasions.

I also noticed my confidence improved and so did my relationships with family, friends and colleague

I looked forward to my sessions with Ann and seeing the insights she had

Mark - New Zealand

"unexpected impact

Genine Howard talks about the realisation of  the impact working with Ann had not only herself but her family AND the dog!

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unresolved trauma gone

My unresolved trauma has gone and so has the pain.

I came to see Ann because I was experiencing pain in my feet and hips. I KNEW my body was talking to me, trying to tell me something but I was having trouble finding out what that was. I had done a lot of personal development work already and I was feeling like I had exhausted all other avenues. I knew that I needed help and when I found Ann and I had a strong feeling that this was the lady who could help me.

What I LOVE about the sessions is that I don’t have to talk a lot and I didn’t have to go into too much detail about my ‘issues’ – I could just lay down on my bed in a relaxed state and allow any healing that needed to happen.

If you are considering having Healing Sessions with Ann, please do not hesitate any longer about it. You are worth being healed (even if you feel like you aren’t right now.) We aren’t meant to be carrying around all our unresolved traumas (either from this life or from ancestors or past lives) and we are so very blessed that during this time in our History we NOW HAVE a way to Heal our ‘negative stuff.’ Take a chance and book a call with Ann today if you are interested in an extraordinary and powerful healing experience. Love, 

Katie - Queensland

"treatment from afar

Ruth Oliver explains what can happen for you when you’re not even in the same room…

You can be an even better, wiser, healthier version of yourself

— Ann Noler Harris

untangled tension

It’s so liberating now the daily migraines have stopped!

Clenching my teeth for the past several years made daily migraines normal.

It eventually wore away several of my teeth, followed by the bone (seriously) and more than once left me so debilitated with pain that I’d beg hospital staff to put me out of my misery – which of course they could not do.

Psychotherapists, osteopaths, anti-depressant medication, exercise, meditation – nothing helped to shift the tension. Then I met Ann, and while it all seemed very ‘woo-woo’ I was desperate and had nothing to lose.

Now after several weeks of Ann’s guidance I am a new person. Ann has untangled my tension and shown me where it came from. It is so liberating. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Fiona Hill - Australia

getting to the root cause

Caroline is a successful high achiever who was used to the corporate high life but once she had children her focus changed and she started her own business. Over the years the business was successful but it was having a large impact on Caroline’s health and relationships.

She tried to ignore the neck, back, and shoulder pain she was feeling for a long time but then problems started to show in her relationship and the money tap turned off.

The money tap turning off was what got her attention.

She contacted me because she wanted help to know how to turn the money tap back on but as I felt into her energy levels I knew she was close to burning out. She had severe pain and was regularly seeing an Osteo but the pain never went away for good.

Working with me we got to the root cause of her pain and I shared with her why it was happening. Her relationship improved and she began to get clear on what she wanted to do in her business because she was now in line with her purpose. This gave her the fulfilment she was looking for and YES the money tap turned back on.


neck, jaw, shoulder & arm pain gone

Ann has been a game changer in my life.

In the time we have been working together I have become free of neck, jaw, shoulder and arm pain.
She has assisted me in unblocking subconscious barriers which has released a self confidence in both my personal and business lives that I have never had before.

Although I cannot exactly describe what Ann does, it does work

Thank you, 

Sharon Fulwood, Australia

no more backpain. No more anxiety

Before I met Ann I had given up on all other modalities for relieving and healing my back pain, as well as finding an explanation for why I was experiencing it.

Despite many medical professionals over a decade, none of them could find the physical cause of my pain and whilst I always suspected it was emotionally and mentally related I still couldn’t heal it even through meditation and other alternative therapists.

After just one session with Ann I felt so much lighter and happier.

She cleared things for me that I had no idea I was even holding on to and just knew things before me having to tell her or explain. The best thing was once they were raised they were cleared and I don’t dwell on things from the past at all. And it’s not just physical pain –

I have been free of back pain for some time now but went through an anxious period where I just needed some relief from stress and some clarity to move forward, which she was able to help me with as well.

I highly recommend Ann’s services for anyone suffering from physical pain or just needing some clarity and guidance in any area of their lives.

Michelle Eckles - Queensland

I let go

I let go of something that was hidden and had been running my life

Ann is brilliant. After years of alternative healing and methodologies, I was at a loss. After we had our first session, I learned an area of my life where I had hidden and allowed it to run me. Once Ann helped me through it, my energy and confidence and motivation (to make sales calls and ask for business) were stronger than the fear that was holding me back. The next day I made 10 calls and 8 women signed up to take my workshop!

Although I didn’t sign up with Ann to help me with physical pain, her abilities to see and support me through change emotionally and energetically are first-class and worth the investment.

Deborah Leeann - America

shoulder pain gone

No more shoulder pain for Lyndie

Thanks Ann for all the help you’ve given me, my shoulder feels so much better now. As you know it had been a problem for quite a while, so to be rid of the pain is just fantastic! I’ve also found my thinking has been clearer, and that’s gotta be good!! You have such a gift, I’m so happy I found you! Thank you once again, I’m so very appreciative.

Lyndie - Victoria Australia

Dogs need healing too

Our dog had really itchy skin and I had tried so many things to help him and nothing worked. I spoke to Ann and she worked with him and she told me some things in my life needed to change. I was a bit shocked at first as I never would have thought that his issues were because of me. Im so glad we worked with Ann and resolved the issues as I would never want to cause my lovely boy any problems. Thanks 

Ann - Brend

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