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What’s stopping you from accomplishing your goals?

What’s Stopping You From Accomplishing Your Goals? Setting goals is easy. Accomplishing them, however, is a different story altogether.  We’ve all experienced the frustration of setting ambitious objectives only to find ourselves repeatedly falling short. So, what’s stopping us from reaching our goals?  Let’s explore some common barriers and strategies to overcome them. Do you […]

Are You Time & Wasting Money?

Are You Time & Wasting Money? In our fast-paced world, time and money are two of our most valuable resources.  Yet, many of us find ourselves wondering if we’re making the most of them or if we’re inadvertently squandering them away. Whether you’re a busy professional, a mum, a wife, a business owner or someone […]

Avoiding burnout – Video 1

How to Avoid Burnout Burnout can be caused for many reasons. In these 3 videos, I will share with you the physical, emotional and behavioural signs of burnout.   If you would like to speak to me in confidence about your health and discover how to have more energy, and no physical and emotional […]

Avoiding Burnout video 2

How to Avoid Burnout – Video 2 Burnout can be experienced by anyone with prolonged levels of chronic stress and pressure at work or from home demands.  This is video 2 on How to Avoid Burnout.    Your health is the most valuable thing you own. Book a call to discuss your health with […]

Avoiding Burnout video 3

How to Avoid Burnout – Video 3   Burnout is not like a cold. My past clients reported how burnout crept up on them and before they knew it, they felt fatigued and were unable to get out of bed for months. In 2020 77% of the population reported symptoms related to this condition. […]

How to Transform Pain into Purpose

Are you ready To Transform your pain into purpose? Join my transformative 5-week Pain to Purpose online course where you’ll connect with inspiring women from around the world, all driven to remove obstacles and achieve greatness. Watch this video to learn how. ✅ Discover How To Physically And Emotionally Thrive ✅ Discover How […]

The Australian

Why You Are in Pain and How to Release It The way pain impacts the sufferer’s quality of life is something you can never understand until it happens to you. Think about a toothache – how completely incapacitated do you feel when your mouth is throbbing? It’s like nothing else exists. It is disheartening to […]

Lifestyle News

I’ve been published in Lifestyle News about how I went from being a skeptic to an amazing healer. Hopefully it inspires you to blend alternative and mainstream medicine.

Top 100 Mentors Global Woman Magazine

💛 Top 100 Global Women Mentor I am beyond honoured, excited and appreciative to be recognised and to stand amongst this list of extraordinary women as a part of the Global Woman Magazine ‘Top 100 Global Women Mentors’.  In recognizing and celebrating the triumphs of successful women entrepreneurs, this is a chance to emphasis the significance of the […]

Flying Solo Article

If you want to be seen as a successful person, the easiest way to begin is to look at the aspects of yourself that are preventing that success and work on them. That may sound easier said than done! In this flying Solo article Ann writes the six personal traits that will prevent success and […]