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How To Move
From Pain To

Join Me in this 5-Week Live Online Program To Catapult Your Life From Pain To Purpose.

In Just 5 Weeks You Will Discover How To Thrive. Early Bird Discount Code PTG$997 AUD


This online training incorporates HEALING so that what you learn can become embodied within your DNA

• Discover how to stop living with pain and live your purpose
• Discover how to create what YOU want.
• Learn how to use your emotions so that they don’t hold you back.
• Discover why tension and conflict are a benefit and not a problem
• Learn how money is energy, and how to keep it flowing

It’s time to ditch doubts and fears and take action to start moving towards your dreams!


Join like-minded women on an inspiring and empowering journey.

Discover your best self  –  The YOU, you see in your dreams.   The YOU, you are meant to be.

Then nothing will stand in your way of creating the life you desire.


What I teach is self-empowerment that you can use to enhance and excel in any area of your life.

If you’re ready to shine and ready to thrive, please secure your seat now, or join the waiting list. 

Seats are genuinely limited to provide an intimate and safe space for you.



How it works?

We will meet each week for five consecutive weeks on Zoom for our 75 minute sessions. We welcome locals and participants from all over the world.  Each session has a distance healing and coaching component.   Session times are AEST.

You’ll meet and connect with some wonderful like-minded women, and we’ll create our own little supportive community

Distance Healing will take place discretely and privately, as we all turn off our cameras during this part of the session.  I will tune into your energy and work with each of your individual, most pressing block intuitively.

Together, we’ll experience my most wonderful and effective healing and clearing meditations.   

BONUS  You will receive an exclusive invitation to a private FB group and be part of a collective energy and extra teachings

What women have said

“When YOU choose to let go of pain, stop dwelling on fears and worries,
you choose YOU.

You choose success & happiness

Did you know

…that an estimated 22% of the western world population suffers from chronic pain and that 70% of people with chronic pain are women?

… that women also feel pain more often, for longer periods, in more areas, and even more intensely than men?

…that psychological/ emotional trauma and events can manifest as physical pain?

…that held on pain can be the root cause of money & success blocks and relationship issues

 It doesn’t have to be this way.

Choose To Stop Living With Pain & Thrive.

Claim your power and live your most authentic, empowered, fulfilling life, without even having to leave home.

Experience the power of distance healing and training

I am so excited to uncover your possibilities.

Imagine Your life

without pain and improved sleep, allowing you to heal.

energised and motivated

in balance – having more time for yourself to do the things that light you up.

at peace and happy –  within yourself and with the world

with a clear vision of your best life; empowered to reach your goals and dreams

on track – with abundant health success and wealth.

Are you ready for more peace? Life is not meant to be an emotional roller coaster ride or filled with drama all the time. To have more energy and no longer feel exhausted, out of balance and push your feelings and health issues away so you can just keep going. Quality Sleep. Your sleep can be affected and this means your body is unable to heal and replenish itself and you won’t wake up feeling refreshed. This is where Ann comes in. She’s been called the ‘secret weapon’ and she believe success begins on the inside.


Learn how your conscious and unconscious minds work, how to take charge and use them to create what YOU want.

Learn to listen to and understand your body, and how to switch on your inner light so that you shine, are seen and heard as the genuine you.

Learn how to manage strong emotions that are holding you back and crushing your dreams.

Learn why tension and conflict can be the key and not a problem 

Learn that money is energy, and why it’s important to keep it flowing

Learn how to stay detached from results and outcomes

Learn Self Empowering Healing & More 

Many women, just like you – women who felt something was missing in their lives, who felt stuck, overworked and undervalued, even anxious and hopeless – have graduated from this program with a new-gained understanding, respect and belief in self.

Excitedly, they couldn’t wait to put their acquired knowledge and tools to use, and they have; transforming their personal and professional lives to provide what they had always dreamt of. Optimised health and well-being, relationships infused with new life and meaning, the mindset and ability to excel financially.  A previously seldom known inner peace and balance, and a feeling of freedom that comes with realising that they are in charge and the creator of their reality.

The root cause of almost every block, and our limiting and negative beliefs that do not serve us, can be found in physical and/or emotional pain we carry within.

My highly successful and unique coaching and mentoring style, developed and perfected over many years, will uncover what is holding you back. Together, we will work to release and remove the pain.  This is the first part of your journey to Greatness.

My non-toxic and non-evasive treatments using energy medicine, advanced metaphysical anatomy techniques, medical intuition and Reiki only have positive side-effects!

Part one, the most crucial part of the journey completed, you’ll be ready, willing and able to move your life forward towards your goals and dreams. You choose the destination.  I will guide you and support you all the way.

FREE e-Book: The Belief & Power Of Energy Medicine

How an instant friendship with an ailing dog changed my life’s course and showed me the power of healing through Energy Medicine.

Coupon code is “PURPOSE

About your facilitator

Hi, I’m Ann.  I’m a wife, a mum of two children and two gorgeous fur babies.

As an International Consultant in Energy Medicine & Life Coach, I walk my talk. I have mastered work-life balance and love to support high achieving, ambitious, driven women achieve the same.

My program does just that. I use my skills, techniques, experience, and knowledge to create a safe and unique environment to support your journey to Greatness, providing you with a wonderful experience and exceptional results.

Excel in your personal and professional life under my guidance.


Your Worth It Because...

it's your time to thrive

Your Investment to transform your life is only $1800 for all 5 weeks. This includes the training, 5 healings, and a private Facebook group where I will be doing extra videos to support you. It’s a BARGAIN!  

Early bird discount code PTG997.

Affordable weekly payment plans are available. 

You CAN afford this life-changing program.

Say YES to living your Best Life. 

Spots are genuinely limited.  The program fills quickly and waitlists have been known to be long.

Payment Plan

say yes to your future right now!

If you say yes to your future right now, I can offer an easy payment plan to make this as simple as possible for you to get your breakthrough

Available For You

Remote One-On-One Bespoke Programs

I offer convenient remote one-on-one bespoke programs, which are tailored to meet your individual needs.

With the wealth of experience and knowledge in energy medicine I have, I have been honoured to help people from all walks of life to heal and achieve their goals.

Work with me to manifest your best life.

No hard sell, just caring expertise.


Things You Should Know

Frequently Asked Questions

We thought it might be helpful to provide a list of frequently asked questions. 

We are all energy beings. Everything, including the human body, is made of energy.  Every living thing pulses with the flow of life force (energy). Life is movement. When this movement is disturbed, there is dis-ease. An excessive, deficient, or blocked energy flow creates pain, illness or abnormal function. In turn, a balanced energy flow promotes health & wellbeing.

Energy Medicine allows me to tap into the body’s energy and the energy field around us (universal energy) to identify issues; the root cause of the block, the physical or emotional pain you may be experiencing.

You might like to imagine energy being like a wifi signal.  If it’s a strong, steady signal, everything works perfectly.  If it’s a sluggish signal or one that is constantly disrupted, it’s a frustrating and painful experience.

When we know what’s causing the ‘fault’, we can repair it.

Yes, just specify the date of the program you wish to join on the booking form.  I will confirm your booking within 48 hours, and you’ll receive updates specific to the chosen program via email.

While it is important that you commit and try to attend each session, I realise, exceptional and emergency situations can occur.  You will be able to access each session on the Private Facebook Group, which are added weekly.


Are you a woman who knows there is more within her and more available to her in life?

Are you a woman ready to let go of blocks that are holding you back from the success you know you deserve?

Are you a woman who is ready to do the work and invest in her health and wellbeing?

Are you a woman who wants to be the best she can be and achieve results in all areas of her life, including health, relationships, and finances

Do you want to be an empowered woman that confidently and effectively supports and empowers her partner, children, and even her pets to be the best versions of themselves?

Are you someone who welcomes a safe space where she can be herself and be vulnerable as part of a supportive tribe of like-minded journeying to greatness together?

Then this Program is absolutely right for you!

Yes.  While the PTG small group sessions are highly effective, working 1:1 definitely has advantages. You alone have my undivided attention and focus, which allows us to go much deeper. A private session is more powerful and takes healings, learnings and results to the next level. 

I invite you to book a free consultation with me to discuss these details further. 


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In a safe and trusting environment, I take you to the place in your life you’ve been dreaming of.

— Ann Noler Harris