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Lifestyle News

I’ve been published in Lifestyle News about how I went from being a skeptic to an amazing healer. Hopefully it inspires you to blend alternative and mainstream medicine.

Does Energy Healing Work?

I used to think Energy Healing was total B.S – so does it actually work? I had so many judgemental thoughts about how healing couldn’t possibly work in the ‘real world’… Energetic Healers talked about seeing and hearing things I couldn’t. Some of them spoke about galactic visitors and how they saw messages in the […]

When am I going to Die?

Monday mornings are when most heart attacks occur! When am I going to die? Well hopefully not today, but did you know that Monday mornings at 9am are the most dangerous time. So I’m sending this email in time for you to make some changes because: Research shows that this is the time when most […]

Blocked emotions causing pain!

This could be why you’re still living with pain, despite medication and specialist appointments. When you’re living with pain I really believe it’s because an emotion is blocked within your body and it wants to be released… How often have you taken a tablet for pain or been to your local GP or specialist to […]