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Imagine what you could achieve if your mind could focus on the life you desire and not on physical pain. 

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If you’re anything like my clients, you may have been living with pain for so long you’ve forgotten what it is like to live a “normal” life.

It’s hard to stay focused and live a “normal” life when living with pain, let alone function every day. And as we know, if we aren’t feeling great we aren’t able to be the best we can be in our careers, or show up for our families and clients when they need us the most.

Pain can stop your focus, and clarity and make you feel like you don’t have the strength to speak up in meetings and to your peers even though you’re a strong independent woman.

Maybe you’ve spent thousands of dollars and many hours trying to stop what’s going on but the pain just keeps coming back.

If you’re particularly struggling with:

  • Health issues affecting your work and relationships

  • Headaches, migraines, digestive or bladder issues

  • Back, hip or knee pain

  • Neck or shoulder pain



I’ve been helping women to stop suffering from chronic pain and the stress that it causes. I have a powerful process that helps to release your pain and mental anguish for good. My clients call me their secret weapon as I have an innate gift in finding out what is causing the pain, and through my process, your pain can be released and doesn’t return.

I have worked with hundreds of clients and I love seeing them get exceptional results.


I had a client who said:

“Psychotherapists, osteopaths, anti-depressant medication, exercise, meditation – nothing helped to shift the tension. Then I met Ann, and while it all seemed very ‘woo-woo’ I was desperate and had nothing to lose.  Now after several weeks of Ann’s guidance, I am a new person. Ann has untangled my tension and shown me where it came from. It is so liberating. I cannot recommend her highly enough. “


Imagine not living with health issues that make your day difficult or keep you up at night. 

Here’s what you’ll discover during this special training:

  • WHY PAIN HAPPENS – Discover what causes physical pain and why it’s so important to no longer let this happen.

  • Why your body is talking to you and is desperate to heal

  • How pain can stop your career success prevents you from speaking up when needed.

  • How you could be carrying stressful experiences that happened whilst you were in the womb and you don’t even know it.

  • Discover how what happened for my clients can happen for you too

  • Finally, how to get back to enjoying a normal pain-free life

All this and much more!



Don’t wait any longer


If you are ready to no longer live with physical and emotional pain book a call with me to discuss your situation.


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